Pump Stations

If you are looking for a powerful, easy-to-use pump station with a sleek design and safety in-mind, here it is. Cadman custom engineers every pumping station to meet the specific requirements of each customer. They are a rock-steady resource for high volume water transfer. The pump stations can be used as an emergency backup application for sewage or moving large volumes of water fighting fires.

Built with a low center of gravity and weight equally distributed throughout, these pump stations move fluid like a tireless juggernaut at the push of a button.

Safety Features

  • Low pressure audio and visual warning system
  • Fire extinguishers and emergency shutoffs on each side
  • Rugged LED lights to combat rough terrain and poor visibility
  • Pressure gauges protected by steel collars
  • Four vibrant night lights for after hours work and maintenance
  • Engine control panel equipped with protection gauge
  • Efficiency Advantage

    The design of the pump allows the operator to launch a ball back through the system and return all unused water to source for future use. This is done without having to disconnect any hoses avoiding spillage of any “produced” water.

    Recent Models

    3758H-Pumping Station

    600 6822MX-Pumping Station

    600 8NHTH-Pumping Station

    Remote Control

    Magnetek Enrange™ CHTX Transmitter Remote