Test Run: Cadman 600 HP 6822 MX Pumping Station

August 22, 2014 - We tested a new Cadman Pumping Station which houses a 600 HP John Deere engine and a Cornell Cornell Redi-Prime® 6822 MX pump at a nearby lagoon.

The setup consisted of four 8” suction hoses and two discharge hoses. The discharge hoses supplied water to four Nelson 200 Series Big Gun® end guns connected to capped hoses which blasted water back into the pond.

We ran the unwearied machine for over sixty minutes ramping up pressure to 275 psi. At approximately 120 psi the Nelson guns maxed out at 1000 gpm (29 bbl/min).

The trial run went exceptionally well with the John Deere engine running flawlessly alongside the Cornell Redi-Prime® pump - churning out as much water as the four irrigation guns could handle.

The John Deere 600 HP engine consists of a heavy-duty air cleaner, cooling system with suction fan, exhaust system with an industrial muffler, belt guard assembly, and control panel with safety shutdowns. It is a dependable resource for high performance power and includes an ultra-efficient fuel injection system.

Cornell Redi-Prime® pumps are designed to withstand the most rugged and demanding industries; construction, industrial, rental, municipal, oil, and gas. These energy efficient pumps are engineered to handle high operating pressures with high flow requirements. The MX series pumps have multi-vane, enclosed impellers are ahead of the pack when it comes to efficiency. They are all iron constructed with an extra heavy wall thickness raising the bar on high volume water pumps.

The Cadman Pumping Station coasted along with all four irrigation guns firing simultaneously creating a mesmerizing water curtain as a backdrop to the scene. At one point during the demonstration the wind picked up and diverted the stream out of the pond causing the water level along the shoreline to instantly descend down the bank. This is one powerful machine.

After a successful morning, the impressively robust Cadman 600 HP 6822 MX Pumping Station will be cleaned up and shipped to a client in the oil and gas industry down in Texas next week.