Mandals Superior Quality Hose is Key in Cadman Fluid Transfer Products

Cadman has partnered with the premiere manufacturer of TPU and Nitrile rubber lay flat hoses to provide an outstanding product for the transfer of high volume water transfer efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. Hose is the key component of any water transfer operation and as such it needs to be durable and resilient in conditions as different as the raging heat and blazing sun of the desert, to sub-zero temperatures of the depths of winter.

Mandal’s vulcanizes each of their hoses to increase durability and to give it superior mechanical properties and durability, leading to a much longer lasting hose than competitors’ brands who do not vulcanize. Hoses are ‘benched’ to provide a consistent diameter across the entire length of hose so that hose fittings will fit properly into hose ends, reducing the danger of leaks. This also makes fittings easier to install, repair and handle, saving you valuable time before and during a job.

The superior weave of Mandals’ hose prevents elongation and snaking of hose, meaning that hose stays where you put it, and is easier to retrieve after the job is done. Superior coverage of the weave during the extrusion process ensures the rubber or TPU hose won’t separate from the weave as it can in some cheaper brands and superior abrasion resistance means that the weave won’t be exposed leading to costly downtime.

Finally, UV inhibitors in the rubber mean that even under the most extreme UV environments won’t cause the hose to break down like it will in brands that don’t use inhibitors in their manufacturing - meaning you can get years of trouble - free use out of your hose.

Benefits & Features