Cadman Superman HVT Polyurethane Lay Flat Hose Sale


Cadman Superman HVT is made from thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane (TPU) extruded through a circular woven jacket made from high tenacity filament polyester yarn. The hose is intended for transfer of large volumes of liquid at higher than normal working pressures while at the same time being lightweight and easy to deploy.

Lay Flat Hose for Fracking

The excellent abrasion resistance prevents the hose from being damaged when deployed in rugged terrain where other types of outer cover would be worn off quickly due to the pulsations of the flow combined with the weight of the filled hose.

The heavily reinforced weave ensures minimum extension in length and minimum “snaking” of deployed hose.

Cadman Superman HVT can operate in an ambient temperature range from -50°C (-58 f) to +75°C (167 f), and can withstand intermittent use up to +80°C (176 f).

Standard lengths up to 660’ (200m).

10” Hose allows for higher volumes of water transfer with less friction loss, saving fuel, and saving time

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