CMA VIDEO Courtland, Ontario (September 2015) – Timing is everything! This includes the best time to apply liquid manure to the field and crops. The cost of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the farmer can be as high as $128.00 an acre plus the cost of UAN 28%. Applying fertilizer to 1000 acres will cost in…Continue Reading “Cadman’s CMA Changes the Landscape of Liquid Manure Application”

                  Cadman Expands Into Fluid Transfer Systems With over sixty years of irrigation knowledge and experience, Cadman Power Equipment Limited continues to refine their processes and improve the overall performance of their growing fluid transfer product suite. Cadman began manufacturing fluid transfer equipment specifically for the agricultural…Continue Reading “The Expansion Into Fluid Transfer Systems”

Irrigating with Cadman 1000 Series Irrigation Travellers These pint-sized irrigation travellers have a brilliant new design, are easy to maneuver, and packed with Cadman’s own sophisticated iWater™ technology into a sleek yet rugged frame. Cadman’s extensive experience with large travellers in agricultural settings has been put to use in the design and manufacturing of the mini-travellers….Continue Reading “Irrigating with 1000 Series Mini Travellers”

Cadman is Primed for an Early Manure Season   Courtland, Ontario (August 2014) – Are you ready for manure application season? Unseasonably cool temperatures combined with an overabundance of precipitation has many farmers considering their nutrient management strategy earlier than expected. The excess rain has brought a number of nutrient management issues to light. A growing…Continue Reading “Are You Ready For Early Manure Application?”